Matthew de Maid


Partner, Father, new business owner and a name that pops up often in the Toowoomba real estate market. Born in Brisbane - relocating to Clifton at seven years of age and subsequently moving to Toowoomba - Matthew has always considered the ‘Garden City’ his home.

A driven yet humble family man, with great compassion for those around him (and questionable taste in music). His success in the local market is a reflection of his broad, in depth knowledge and genuine desire to help those he comes into contact with.

Developing Ecology Property in September 2018, he and partner Rhiannon set themselves on a journey to develop a genuine, non-corporate feeling agency - something that resonated with their own values and desire for authenticity in their day to day lives.

Matt's considerate, professional approach on all levels and his unique, refreshing way of articulating his ideas has renewed the perspective of many. He has an ability to see through the 'fog' of our industry and formulate ways of achieving the most desired results of those clients who entrust their properties with us. He has found a way to do property, positively.

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M. 0422 135 756