About Highlands Christian College

Highlands Christian College

“Education that lasts a lifetime”

Highlands Christian College is a co-educational College offering a seamless curriculum for students from Prep to Year 12, ensuring a smooth transition from Primary, to Middle to Senior Years.

The vision is to form students with integrity, resilience and compassion, aiming to develop young people who are well equipped for the world in which they live. In a complex and ever-changing world, it is essential that students are well prepared for the journey beyond their years at school.

Highlands pride themselves on academic excellence. Learning is a core business and a life-long journey; the partnering of students, staff and families enable every child to succeed in a supportive environment. Thriving on community, the team of highly credentialed, Christian staff attend to the challenges and successes of the student, providing a caring community and encouraging a sense of connectedness.

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