About St Ursula's College

St Ursula's College

An innovative & dynamic Catholic day and boarding school for girls in Years 7-12

St Ursula’s College is a hopeful, faith-filled community. It is a welcoming, people-centred place where faith and life are motivated by the example and spirit of Jesus. The Ursuline spirit inspires an educational environment where there is unconditional recognition of the giftedness of each person.

Each person is known and valued and respected. Relationships are characterised by trust, care, respect, gentleness, service and forgiveness. This is a dynamic, lived spirituality which inspires hope and empowers all members of the community to realise their fullness of life. St Ursula’s College is a place where deep learning arises from commitment to providing opportunities for staff and students to make a difference in this world.

At St Ursula’s College, the honouring, exploration and lived experience of the Catholic tradition is central to the life of the community. Each person is respected as one who is created in the image and likeness of God. Each person is on a faith journey. Each person has a responsibility for enacting justice, peace and ecological sustainability.

St Ursula’s College is a community which holds a shared understanding of its core transformative purpose evidenced by confident innovation, reflection and responsiveness, individuality and interdependence, service and justice are at its heart. It is in these ways that the St Ursula’s College community is connecting with life.

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