About St Mary's College

St Mary's College

St Mary’s College is a Catholic community for the education of boys from Years 5-12.

The College was established in 1899 as a Christian Brothers’ school to educate boys. The Christian Brothers are a religious order founded in Waterford in Ireland in 1802 by Edmund Rice, to educate boys as a response to social inequity. Today, St Mary’s College is an Edmund Rice Associate school with 850 boys administered by the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba.

Their Vision is to enable the boys at St Mary’s College to strive for excellence so as to reach their full potential to make a difference to the world. The school’s Mission is to provide a quality holistic Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition, empowering students to be men of faith, integrity, action and excellence.

St Mary’s College focus on and are specialists in boys’ education, providing various relevant and modern learning experiences and extra-curricular opportunities for boys. Teaching and learning is a key focus of the College, ensuring the boys learn their way, continually improving and exploring their knowledge and skills base with curiosity as the key.

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